There have been some changes and adjustments in our meetings for coaches, parents, etc. Please read through these listed items and put those in your calendar that pertain to you...  Please note also... the required COACHES CLINIC described below. 


MANDATORY COACHES MEETING: for ALL DIVISIONS (except Majors)... Monday, March 30th @ 6:00-7:00 pm @ South Middle School.


MAJORS DIVISION PARENT MEETING:  for Majors parents... Monday, March 30th @ 7:15-8:00 pm @ South Middle School.


MINORS & 9 YEAR OLD DIVISIONS PARENT MEETING: for Minors and 9 Year old Divisons parents...  Tuesday, March 31 @ 6:00 pm @ South Middle School.


PEE WEE DIVISION PARENT MEETING: for parents of kids in the Pee Wee Divison... Monday, April 6th @ 6:00 pm @ South Middle School.


COACH PITCH PARENT MEETING: for parents of kids in the Coach Pitch Division... Tuesday, April 7th @ 6:00 pm @ South Middle School.


T-BALL PARENT MEETING:  for parents of kids in T-Ball... Thursday, April 9th @ 6:00 pm @ South Middle School.


MANDATORY COACHES CLINIC for all coaches in the T-Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions.  This is also recommended for coaches in the Pee Wee Division... Thursday, April 2nd @ 6:00-7:00 pm @ South Middle School cafeteria




Harney Little League Baseball Experience Special Fundraiser
Harney LL Baseball Experience Raffle.pdf
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In addition to our normal $1 raffle fundraiser, Harney Little League is hosting an additional fundraiser that is one of a kind!   We will be selling $10 raffle tickets to a Major League Baseball Experience...     The 1st prize includes tickets to a Twins game, an on-field pass for your child to be on the field during batting practice, and 2 nights in a hotel.    The 2nd prize includes tickets to a Rockies game and 1 night in a hotel. 


A special thanks to Ramkota Companies and Josh Schmaltz for providing the hotel room for the Twins game. 


Contact a league board member to buy your tickets. These will also be sold in the concession stand once Majors Division games begin.  


Also, Modern Woodman of America is generously agreed to match sales up to $2,500!!  These funds will be used to help us make improvements to the complex.


Please help spread the word!



Go into the 2015 season prepared to be the best coach you can be. Learn the skills you need to know to help your kids as a coach or parent. Visit the Little League Coaches Resource Center for great resources and links:


T-BALL COACHES: Coaching for the first time and you don't know where to start?  Little League has a great program set up for you. This includes coaching plans for the whole season, how to teach basic skills, and more...


COACH PITCH COACHES:  Little League has developed a new program this year for the Coach Pitch Division.  This is another great opportunity to give you the tools you need to coach your kids! ...


All of these tools are at your disposal free of charge.



The 2015 Board is beginning to prepare for the 2015 season.  Stay tuned on this website for information about 2015.  Registration for the 2015 season will begin about the end of January.  


PLEASE NOTE: Little League has made changes to the League Age formula that must be used for all Little Leagues from this date forward. 


Also, Harney Little League has brought back the 9 YEAR OLD DIVISION, in part because of these rule changes.  Players who played in Minors last year as an 8 year old will still have the option of playing in Minors as a 9 year old this year. 


If you want to read up on League Age changes, divisions that are options for your child, cost, etc., go to REGISTRATION INFORMATION.


Click this link for a list of SIGNIFICANT DATES you may need to know. 




Due to Little League International age range rule changes, any child born between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2011 is now eligible to play T-ball. These players are considered league age 4 since they do turn 4 years old in 2011.  However, please note that a great number of kids who are eligible to play T-ball will play the entire season as a 3 year old and may not turn 4 until well after the season ends.  While this is great news for many players, others may be too young developmentally to really enjoy the season.  If your child is one of these younger eligible players, please consider whether they are ready to play an organized sport like T-ball. They should be able to separate from their parent fairly easily, be able to reasonably pay attention, and have some basic physical coordination.  If you have any questions about whether your child is ready, please call or email: Steve Deming (President) at 390-2028; or Walt Feeger (Player Agent) at 430-1228;     

Thank you




Thank you for your participation in the Harney Little League Survey.  Please find the attached documents for these results and an explanation of results.  Included in these results is an explanation about registration fees and also Capital Improvement Projects.


A couple items I want to address in regard to complex improvement....  Two items that received lots of attention include parking lot repairs and the old Pony field that has been run down for some time.  The parking lot is a city responsibility and we have encouraged the city to address this for some time.  You will be pleased to know that the city has made significant repairs this fall that I think you will enjoy seeing in the spring.  


Also, the field on the corner is not part of the Harney LL complex and we are not responsible for this field. Rapid City High School Baseball is responsible for this field. They do have plans to make improvements this winter and spring. As with many things, high cost of repairs have prevented them from completing much up until now. They have possessed this field for just over a year now. Hopefully we begin to see some good changes soon.   HLL is willing to aid this progress in any way we can. 


Lastly, I want to stress that HLL also has financial constraints when it comes to making improvements to the complex.  Your fundraising potential, ability to contribute your "manpower," and equipment will enable us to make the kinds of changes you want to see. 

Capital Improvement Projects
Capital Improvement projects.doc
Microsoft Word document [46.0 KB]
Survey Results and Explanations
survey results2.doc
Microsoft Word document [207.5 KB]



Making your complex what you want it to be...

The following is a list of projects Harney Little League has completed in the last 5 years...

1. Built two batting cages to help players and teams.

2. Completed some landscaping and seeding around west batting cage.

3. Added sprinklers and seeding on the slope behind the Majors field to replace what had become nothing but dirt.

4. Added about 20 big trees to the complex.

5. Built 3 new backstops on the Majors Field, Minors field and Pee Wee field.

6. Replaced fencing on the Minors field and Pee Wee field.

7. Replaced sewer pipes.

8. Built a new infield for the new Minors field.


With that said there are a number of pressing issues before us, which some of you identified in the recent survey:

1. New or repaired bleachers

2. New or repaired batting shed/indoor practice facility

3. New concessions and bathroom building.

4. General complex and field improvements.

5. Playground for young kids. 


All of these, and others are worthy improvements and are certainly things on our radar to improve with your help.  







Interested in umpiring?

Interested in coaching?


Little League International has changed their requirements to league eligibility. Beginning in 2014 players will be eligible for a league based not only on their residence, but also where they attend school. If they attend school within a leagues boundaries they are eligible to register within that league.  


This change will most notably impact students at Robbinsdale Elementary and South Park Elementary. If a child attends these schools they are eligible to register to play with Harney Little League.  Other schools, including private schools will be impacted by this also.  

What Little League is Made of...!

What Little League is Made of...?
What little league is made of.doc
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