Majors Program Draft Rules



Harney Majors programs utilize “Plan A” draft rules, as set forth in the Official Little League Operations Manual. All draft outcomes and rounds of selections are to be kept confidential.


1. Two drafts are generally required for Majors. One draft is a supplemental 12 yr old draft to occur initially. Following this, is the primary draft for player ages 9-11 years old.


2. The 12 yr old draft is held first to ensure that all 12 year olds who choose to play majors will be drafted, as is required by Official Little League Rules. The 1st round is held in reverse order of how teams in the division finished. The second round draft order is opposite of the draft order for the first round. Each subsequent round follows accordingly until all 12 year olds are drafted. This serpentine order is intended to ensure that the weaker teams will have fewer 12 year olds; they will receive a greater number of younger players and thus a greater chance of building a competitive team.


Draft order example: Round 1: Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 6 (Team 6 finished the previous season in 1st place while Team 1 finished in last place).  

            Round 2: Team 6, Team 5, Team 4, Team 3, Team 2, Team 1.  

            Round 3: Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 6.

            Round 4: Team 6, Team 5, Team 4, Team 3, Team 2, Team 1.


No team may have more than 8 players of the same age on their team. If a team has roster spots open and eight 12 year olds already, then this team’s draft choice would be “skipped” if there were still 12 year olds in the draft.


3. The second draft is held for players age 9-11. Not all of these players are required to be drafted. Teams draft players until all 12 roster spots of each team is filled.

Draft order of each round is in accordance with the opposite of how teams finished in the previous season.   The team that finished last in standings the previous year will draft first.   The team that finished first will draft last. Unlike the Supplemental 12 Year Old Draft, the draft order in the second round does not change. The last place team will draft first in every round and the first place team will draft last in every round to ensure that the weaker team receives the most competitive players.


4. When the draft is complete, the Player Agent will need to alert the families of kids who weren’t drafted and will let them know of the option to play in Bantam or Minor League. Team Managers will inform the families of kids they drafted on their team.


5. Special Circumstances: Manager/child pick, sibling pick, reentering draft. The intent to exercise or not exercise various Draft Options must be expressed to the Player Agent preferably 48 hours before the draft.  


6. A manager of a team has an opportunity to draft his own child. The manager would need to state this intention before the draft begins. This child pick is granted in the round that corresponds with the age/round formula. The Little League Operating Manual recommends that certain ages of players be drafted in certain rounds. So, if a manager has a child whose playing age is 12 yo the manager would use a 3rd round pick for his/her child; if the child is 11 yo the manager would use a 4th round pick; if the child is 9 or 10 yo, the manager would use a 5th round pick.  


Coach’s picks are not permitted.


7. If a team has a child on the team and this child has a sibling who is in the draft, a manager is able to exert the sibling option to draft this child.  


When the sibling option is exercised the manager selecting this sibling will do so according to the above age/round formula. In order for Harney LL to utilize the age/round formula for siblings picks the Player Agent must submit a request to exercise this guideline to the Regional Director since it is a deviation from the LL Operations Manual. This must be done every year.


8. The second sibling may be drafted according to the age/round formula addressed above.       Rationale… there could be a situation in which 12 year old and 10 year old siblings enter the league together. Because of mandatory draft rules for 12 year olds, a team with a desire to keep siblings together may be prompted to take the 12 year old and then in the first round have to draft the sibling regardless of his skill level. The sibling in the draft may then be taken according to the age/round formula.  


9. Reentering the draft: Throughout Little League organizations around the country it is typically accepted that once a player is drafted to a major’s team, they are to remain on that team until they are no longer eligible for majors. There could be some circumstances that would permit a child to be released from a team and allowed to reenter the draft. These circumstances should typically be viewed as exceptional and rare. Circumstances generally not considered justified include: poor performance, lack of playing time, unhappiness with role on team, poor team record, etc. Any justification for being released from a team should include issues that impact the well being of the player or other players on the team; have some serious legal implications, or some serious hardship to the player or family. A letter must be written to the board expressing the request and reasons for the request. The board is to make the final decision.